Self Care Sunday

Self-Care Sunday: Easy Container Gardening & Skin Care Routine

Welcome to Self-Care Sunday!

Sundays are always a double-edged sword for me.

On one hand, I am glad for a day a rest and relaxation. On the other hand, I am filled with existential dread because I know that the next day is Monday and the next five days will be filled with work, therapy, meal planning, juggling priorities, and trying to keep my shit together.

Hailey also works every Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., so I am left to my own devices all day. It can get a little overwhelming, especially after the long week I’ve had. Mentally, I’ve been feeling more than just a little bit frazzled.

So, I decided to try something new. Self-Care Sunday! Because what makes you feel better than having your shit together the day before Monday? I know nothing makes me feel better than a little self-pampering!

After Hailey left for work, I decided to go outside with Gabbi the Labby before it got too unbearably hot in the Arkansas heat and do a little gardening.

Did You Know?: You can plant vegetables directly into bags of dirt for cheap and easy container gardening?

Sweet! Let me show you how!

No-Container Container Garden:

First, you’ll need to buy some seeds. 

Confession: I bought seeds that would grow into vegetables that would feed my two fat guinea pigs. They eat a diet that consists of red leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, carrots, and other various herbs. So, two birds fat rats, one stone. 

And some bags of dirt.

You don’t need fancy dirt. Just any old dirt will do.

Next, you will need a screwdriver and a box cutter, or any kind of knife. Just be safe.

Flip that bag of dirt over, and poke holes in the bag. I poked about 9 holes, but honestly, just kind of stab the bag until you feel better. (FREE THERAPY!)

This allows the bag to drain later on, so you may need more/fewer holes depending on what you decide to plant.

Flip that baby back over and using your box cutter, cut out a rectangle leaving a wide margin around the outside of the bag.

It should look a little bit like this.

Once you’ve completely removed the top, get your hands dirty. Don’t be afraid to stick them in there. You need to move the dirt around and break up any hard bits in order to aerate your soil. Your little seeds need room to move and breathe in order to grow.

Let’s talk about why gardening is good for mental health, while we’re at it.

Connecting to the earth, even when it’s in a bag, connects you to something bigger than yourself. It helps bring you back to reality, even when you are trying to deal with a problem inside your brain that seems bigger than the entire universe. Sometimes, just digging in the dirt can remind us that we are not as big as we think we are, and our problems are not as big as they seem either. We are all connected to the earth, and sometimes we need a reminder of that, to ground us.

Once you’ve prepped all of your bags (I prepped five!) you’re ready to start planting!

Green Beans!

I planted green beans (the kind that grow in a bush, not the kind that grow tall, so they will hopefully thrive in this kind of container), cherry tomatoes, green and red leaf lettuce, and squash.

Don’t forget to water your little babies!

easy diy container gardening - what would elle woods do

Now you’ve got a little container garden that is easy to take care of and requires no weeding and very little upkeep. If you have a lot on your plate already, this is the perfect solution! If your plants need more shade, the bags are pretty mobile too!

Gardening is also helpful for people with anxiety because it gives you something other than yourself to focus on. Just like a pet, a plant is something you can take care of and tend to. Watching something grow and knowing that you contributed to that growth is very rewarding, and it really helps me personally. It makes me feel in harmony with the world and the act of gardening is peaceful in itself.

Or maybe, I’m just a hobbit.

“For all hobbits share a love of things that grow”

After I planted my seeds, I felt a sense of accomplishment, and that I had actually gotten a few things done. I also felt good in having done something physical to get my blood pumping, and my mood was a little elevated after being out in the sun.

Thanks, Vitamin D!

I made some lunch and watched some comfort shows while I folded the laundry.

What are your favorite Sunday comfort shows? I love to watch old re-runs of Big Love or The Office!

Once I finished the laundry, I decided to organize my bathroom closet.

bathroom closet organization

I decided to continue the self-care journey and take a long shower since most of my showers during the week are rushed and taken at 5:00 a.m.

Self-Care Spa Time:

A long shower consists of washing and deep conditioning my hair, washing my face and body, shaving my legs, and using a body scrub.

But first, you have to light a candle!

wisdom scented candle bath and body works for self-care

I chose this one, from Bath and Body Works! I love it. It smells so calming and soft, and for some reason, it reminds me of the way my room smelled in high school, but if my room in high school grew up and got a trendy makeover.

My body scrub is also from Bath and Body Works.

aromatherapy happiness bath and body works body scrub for self-careThis scrub is amazing because it’s part of Bath and Body Works’ aromatherapy line! Aromatherapy is something I think is super important to self-care.

When I need to come back to reality during an anxiety attack, or when I feel an anxiety attack coming on, I use my five senses to help bring me back. The sense of smell is one of the most effective for me, so during a self-care routine like this, I always try to choose products with scents that make me feel happy and calm, like bergamot and mandarin!lush fresh farmacy soap for self-care In the shower, I washed my face with Lush’s Fresh Farmacy soap.

Y’all. This soap is my FAVORITE soap in the entire world. It calms my redness! It smells wonderful! It lasts forever! It tames my oily/combination skin! It lowers my credit score!

Well, maybe not the last one. But it is seriously a life-changer. Check it out if you have oily/combination skin that is sensitive and prone to acne. This soap is gentle yet effective and contains calamine lotion, so it reduces redness while calming down any sensitivity issues you may be having. I LOVE it!

thayers witch hazel alcohol free toner rose petal for self-careI followed up after the shower with Thayer’s Rose Petal Witch Hazel as my toner.

thayers witch hazel rose petal for self-careThis stuff smells lovely. If you don’t love the smell of roses, it may not be for you, but the smell is still pretty mild. It feels cool on my face and is mild enough not to break me out, but it works wonderfully as a toner for combination/oily skin.

Bonus: My cotton pad holder is just a Bath and Body Works candle jar that has been emptied and cleaned!

After toning, I needed to moisturize.

mario badescu facial spray with aloe chamomile and lavender clinique turnaround overnight moisturizer for self-careI used Clinique’s Turnaround Overnight moisturizer and followed it with Mario Badescu’s Aloe, Chamomile, and Lavender facial spray. I LOVE the Mario Badescu facial spray for chill, at-home evenings! They smell so good and feel so lovely on your face!

chelsea mccurdy what would elle woods do

After I finished my skincare routine, I sprayed my damp hair with some heat protection spray.

style sexy hair 450 blow out for self-careI used the Style Sexy Hair 450 Degree Blow Out for heat protection. I didn’t actually plan on drying my hair, but this stuff smells so good and makes my hair feel amazing, even when it air dries!

To top it all off, I put lotion on my feet and slipped on some cozy socks before we sat down to eat dinner.

bath and body works aromatherapy recharge lotion for self-careAhhh, more aromatherapy! The sage and mint is cooling, which feels great on clean feet!

I felt so fresh and so clean, clean, so I sprayed our bed sheets and pillowcases with some linen spray to keep the feeling going all night long!

bath and body works aromatherapy stress relief spray for self-care

Our favorite bed sheet spray is from the Bath and Body Works aromatherapy line (big shocker right?) in the scent “Stress Relief.” It contains eucalyptus and spearmint oil, so it’s strong but not too strong, and I swear on EW it makes me feel like a new woman whenever I inhale it.

We filled our essential oil diffusers with Serenity oil blends (I found this one at Michael’s craft store), turned on a lamp, and shut the door to our bedroom. This is one of my favorite tricks to ensure that bedtime is super cozy and chill. There’s nothing like coming to bed to find your sheets smelling fresh, the oil diffuser pumping away, and the lighting turned down.

I definitely felt much more ready for Monday after getting mentally prepared on Self Care Sunday.



1: What is one skincare product you cannot live without?
2: Have you planted anything for summer? Or are you an inside kid? 🙂


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